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2023-2024 Girls Indoor Club

What's new for our 2023-2024 Girls Club Season?

We are planning to add more weekday practices this season as well as providing a merch store for families and players.  New tournaments will be added to our schedule also this season.  

We are looking forward to another wonderful season with our athletes.  Please read through the information on this page to learn about our South County Girls  Competitive Season.


Tuition this year includes tournaments, practices, uniforms, coaching, recruiting services and Hudl accounts (for our 16's - 18's).  Families will have option to pay upfront or in 4 equal installments.  Each team will be coached by former college players, college coaches and high school coaches.  We are confident that our athletes will receive elite instruction throughout the season.

Each Team will have its own tuition based on season practice hours and tournament dates.  Tuition will likely range from $1,500.00 - $3,000.00 depending on exact practice and tournament schedule.  Tuition also includes 2 uniform shirts, 2 warm-up shirts and new SCVB Backpack.  

Most of our teams will participate in our regions multi-day tournaments and other one day events.  A list of tournaments are listed below.  Each team's tournament schedule is still TBD


AAU Home for the Holidays (Fitchburg, MA) 12/9-12/10

Wicked Good Challenge- Providence, RI  December 16-17, 2023

Winterfest- Hartford Convention Center  Hartford, CT January 6-7, 2024, January 13-15, January 21-22.

AAU League 1/27 or 1/28

Springfield Invitational 2/3-2/4

AAU @ Mohegan Sun February 3-4, 2024

AAU @ Mohegan Sun February 10-11, 2024

Volleyfest @ RI Convention Center February 17-19, 2024

Capitol Hill in DC February 17-19th, 2024

Savannah Showdown in Savannah, GA  February 17-19th, 2024

Nike Volleyball Festival- Boston, MA February 23-25, 2024 for 12's-15's

Nike Volleyball Festival - Boston, MA March 1-3, 2024 for 16's-18's

AAU League 3/9 or 3/10

NERVA #2  3/10

AAU League 3/23 or 3/24

NERVA #3  3/34

AAU Spring Kickoff @ Fitchburg, MA 4/6-4/7

South County Invitational 4/6 or 4/7

Nerva #4  4/14

RI Rumble #1  @ Providence, RI  4/20-4/21

RI Rumble #2  @Providence, RI  4/27-4/28

AAU League Finals @Mohegan Sun  4/27-4/28

NERVA #5  4/28


Other possible events:  *North Atlantic Championships in Hartford, CT 5/4-5/5,  *Fun in the Sun @ Mohegan Sun 5/25-5/27,   *AAU Nationals - Orlando July 2024 

Click Here to visit our individual teams practice and tournament schedule to get an idea of each team's commitment.  This is tentative and things still need to be confirmed.


How to print or save NERVA membership card

Reminder, a parent must create a sporstengine account AND THEN under that free membership, create one for their athlete during the NERVA membership process.  Once on our website, the parent will log in using the same sportsengine login used to purchase the NERVA membership.   

Log in button is in the top right of your screen.  You will see a circle with your initials in the circle once logged in.  Click the circle and then click mysportsengine.

This will bring you to another page.

-On the left of screen, click "Household" and then your athletes profile.

-From there you will see a list of past and current memberships for your athlete.  Click on "View Details"

-You can then choose to "Save Membership Card".  This will give the option to print card of save to a digital wallet.

-If your athlete's membership shows as "ineligible", the requirements for eligibility can be found on this page also.


Frequently asked questions:

1.  Q:  Do we have to attend all the tryout dates?  A:  We encourage athletes to attend all of the tryout dates offered for their age group, but it is not a requirement.

2.  Q:  What do we need to bring to attend tryouts?  A:  All athletes must bring proof of their NERVA membership.  This can be a physical copy or a digital copy showing their current membership.  All information on how to register and print nerva card can be found at

3.  Q:  Can I choose which nerva age group to try our for?  A:  We strongly suggest that you tryout for your actual nerva age. (see link to nerva age chart below).  Some athletes will want to tryout for an older age group and that is allowed.  However, that will be the only age group that player will be evaluated at.

4.  Q:  Are teams predetermined or do you keep last year's teams together?  A:  No, every athlete is given a fair opportunity to make a competitive team and no, teams from last year do not stay together.

5.  Q:  Am I guaranteed to make a team at SCVB?  A:  Unfortunately we are not able to place all athletes each year.  

6.  Q:  Are parents allowed to watch tryouts?  A:  Tryouts are closed to everyone except our athletes and coaches.

7.  Q:  Will we feel pressured to make a decision to accept a roster spot immediately following the tryouts?  A:  No, we will give each family a few days to make their decision and to reach out with questions before accepting.

8.  If selected to a team, what does the tuition cover?  A:  Tuition covers the costs of uniforms, equipment, coaching, practices, tournaments, recruitment services, etc.  Tuition does not cover costs associated with travel such as hotel stays for our multi-day events.

9.  If selected to a team, do you offer payment plans?  A: Yes, all families will have the option to pay in full or with a monthly payment plan.


How to Register for our 2023-2024 Girls Competitive Tryouts.

1.  Renew or purchase your athletes NERVA membership.  This is a requirement to attend tryouts.  A parent must create a sportsengine account and then register their athlete.  You can purchase the "tryout only" membership to attend tryouts, or the "full season" membership.  If selected, you will then need to upgrade to the "full season" membership if you did not purchase initially.

2.  Know your athlete's NERVA age.  See chart below and know his NERVA age prior to beginning the tryout registration.

3.  Complete the tryout registration.  Only players who have completed the tryout registration and have proof of their current NERVA membership may participate in tryouts,


How do we know if we were selected to a team and how to accept the team offer?

At the conclusion of our tryout, we will send an email to every participant.  Our message will be sent only to the email address used to register for tryouts.  

Team offers will be slightly staggered throughout the week, so do not panic if you haven't heard from us right away.  Sometimes we can anticipate the roster and will share that info with you.  Other times, if we are uncertain of the exact roster, we will share the names of the 20-30 athletes you have been selected with and exact roster will be formed when the coaches are ready.  Once you receive your offer email, you will be directed to visit the appropriate team page to view the practice and tournament schedule.  To accept, you will complete a registration and make your tuition payment.  Payment plans are offered, but please know that you will be committing to the full season's tuition if you chose to accept.

Several athletes will receive our "wait list" offer.  These athletes were not initially selected but will be invited to join as roster spots become available. 

If you were not selected to a competitive team this season, we will let you know of any other opportunities to play volleyball with our club or other clubs. 



GIRLS INDOOR - We will host up to 4 teams per age group this season.  Each team will have a unique tournament schedule based on the  tournament options that are available.   Below is the tentative practice schedule and tuition for each team.  Our tryouts have become very competitive over the years and we are not always able to place all players on a competitive team.  Our season runs from December 2023- May, 2024

Click Here to visit our individual teams practice and tournament schedule to get an idea of each team's commitment.  This is tentative and things still need to be confirmed.


All players will receive our gear package which includes: 2 uniform shirts,  2 warm-up shirts and a new SCVB Backpack.

Why Choose South County Volleyball Club

Home to the 2019, 2020, and 2021 HS Volleyball Gatorade Player of year and Pro Jo Volleyball Player of the year!! - In addition, 3 of our original members made the Providence Journal All Decade team that was announced this past spring!

The SC coaching staff includes many of the areas top college and high school coaches.  For those athletes looking to play volleyball in college, our coaches are ready to assist in your recruiting process.  We also have a recruiting specialist on staff to offer assistance to anyone interested in playing in college.

Our Open teams have access to Hudl, which is a valuable game video/recruiting tool.  Our staff is available to assist in making highlight and recruiting videos for our athletes.

We have become one of the most competitive and respected clubs in New England.  

Our 18 Girls Competitive teams combined to win 25 NERVA Gold Medals in 2019, the MOST FOR ANY CLUB IN NEW ENGLAND!!! 14 of our 18 teams won at least 1 gold!   

 Most of the top players in RI choose to play for South County Volleyball Club,  Including the last three Providence Journal volleyball award winners: All 3 Player of the year finalists, Gatorade Player of the Year, and all 7 of the RIBVCA first team all state recipients three years in a row!    South County Juniors is clearly the #1 choice for the top players in RI.  

Player Accomplishments By Year

The greatest compliment a player can receive is to be called a great teammate.  The greatest teammates follow a simple premise:  They put the needs of the team ahead of their own in every decision they make.  They live by a standard that says, "Don't let your teammates down".

This year at SCVB, we asked our coaches to spend time to select their teams' best teammate during the 2022-2023 club season.  We are extremely proud to recognize these very special athletes:

18- Blue - Ava Brock     18-Gold- Mia Petrini     17-Blue- Karmen Lambert     

17-Gold- Katja Nelson and Lia Saldivar     17-White- Gabriella Jackson     17-Black-Lauren Mignanelli and Maddie Brock

16-Blue- Hailey Labonte     16-Gold-Jeanett Cronin     16-White-Amanda Duke

16-Black-Anna Jalbert     15-Blue-Danica Agsalud     15-Gold-Lanna Moua

15-White-Saige Hodges     15-Black-Elanor Hooley     14-Blue-Emma Stevenson

14-Gold-Olivia Baker and Alison McCoombs     14-White-Ady Kocab     14-Black-Sophia Waters-Burns and Farrow Yoder

13-Stingrays-Sophia Hartman     13-Scorpions-Quinn Haxton and Irie Byers