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Coronavirus Statements

NERVA will continue to monitor the situation and abide by USA Volleyball guidelines. (USAV Updates are available at )
Parents always should do what they feel is in the best interest of their athlete. If you do not feel safe attending an event simply stay home!


Message from South County Volleyball Club about the remainder of our season.

I understand that this is a stressful time for everyone and the safety of our families is what really matters right now.  I appreciate everyone's patience as we continue to gather information and make the best decisions moving forward in regards to our club volleyball season.

I've been in touch with the majority of the club directors in New England and the overwhelming consensus is that the plan is to pause our season and then continue when its safe to do so.  We hope to be able to make up the majority of both practice and tournament dates for each of our teams.  The new end date of our season may be the June 13th-14th AAU tournament at Mohegan Sun.  I've registered all 19 of our girls competitive teams for this event.

If we are not able to continue our season, we will then to work to issue credits, refunds, or a combination of both.  Again, I appreciate everyone's patience with this uniquely difficult time.  Please do what you can to stay safe!!!!


Nerva hosted a web meeting on 3/30/20 and the goal remains to continue the season when its safe to do so.  This is an uncertain time and we are hopeful we are able to continue our 2020 indoor season.  It is unlikely that any indoor tournaments will be scheduled beyond the end of June.  If we are not able to make up our missed practices and tournaments, we will plan on issuing partial refunds or credits for next season or both.  This is a tentative tournament schedule for our competitive club:

Either 5/16 or 5/17 - Nerva 1-day event

5/23-5/25 (3-day event) AAU event at Mohegan Sun or NERVA event in Providence

Either 5/30 or 5/31 - Nerva 1-day event

6/6 or 6/7 - A region wide outdoor grass tournament (doubles format, but you compete with your indoor team).  Same concept as the NCAA Women's Beach programs

6/13-6/14 - AAU Grand Prix event at Mohegan Sun



Our outdoor volleyball programs are scheduled for July and August this year.  We plan on offering the following programs:

- Boys competitive 2 v2 beach league

- Girls competitive 2 v 2 beach league

- Boys and Girls competitive training club

- Grass doubles tournaments

- Beginner beach volleyball club

- Beginner and Intermediate sand volleyball camps

- Private outdoor training sessions

- Girls indoor pre-season Camp

We will be updating our website will more details of these programs soon.

Helpful hints - Not all facilities have bleacher seating.  Parents should bring their own chairs just in case.  Not many sites have concession stands so be prepared to pack a lunch for the day or drive off site to food.  Most tournaments begin at 9:00am and end around 4:00pm.  This is only an estimate.  Sometimes we get lucky with a very convenient location and other times we need to travel a bit on these Sundays.  

The convention center tournaments will require spectators to purchase entry passes.  All schedules and passes for these events can be found on

Tournament Schedules

Link to Jr Scoring and Ref Training

Here is the info on how to find and complete the referee and scoring modules

Parent and Player Code of Conduct

All Parents, Spectators, Coaches and Players are expected to follow the USA Volleyball Code of Conduct.

Information on our upcoming tournaments - Times, dates, locations, etc.