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Important info about upcoming events

All players will receive a uniform jersey and all new players to our competitive teams will also receive a South County Sweatshirt.  Players are responsible for their own uniform shorts and sneakers.  Uniform shorts will be black spandex shorts.  There can be no other colors on shorts with the exception of the clothing brands logo.
2/22/20 - Club scrimmage at Teamworks -  170 Jefferson Blvd, Warwick, RI
8:30-11:30am  - 14-Red, 14-White, 14-Yellow, Sharks
11:30-2:30pm - 14-Blue

Teams will scrimmage teams from our club and others.  We will have uniforms to pass out that day.  Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to warm-up before we play.  This is a day that we will be asking the girls to referee and score the matches.  Players should have watched all jr ref training videos before this Saturday.


Sunday 2/23 Tournament at Starland Sportsplex - 637 Washington Street, Hanover, MA 02339

Teams attending:  14-Yellow and Sharks

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm (please arrive by 9:30am with your uniform shorts or spandex, sneakers and kneepads if you have them).

This is an AAU event and will be an accelerated format.  The teams will gets lots of play and wont need to work or referee the games


Remaining schedule:

3/1/20 - NERVA #1 

3/22/20 - NERVA #2 (locations not known until approx. one week before.   Teams playing:  14-blue, 14-red, 14-white

3/29/20 - AAU at Mohegan Sun (exact times TBD).    Teams playing: 14-yellow and sharks

4/5/20 - NERVA #3 (locations not known until approx. one week before).   Teams playing: 14-blue, 14-red, 14-white, 14-Yellow, Sharks

4/19/20 - NERVA #4  Teams playing:  14-blue, 14-red, 14-white, 14-yellow, Sharks

4/25-26 - RI Rumble in Providence - Teams playing: 14-blue, 14-red

5/3/20 - NERVA #5  Teams playing: 14-blue, 14-red, 14-white, 14-yellow, Sharks

Team 14 Blue                       Team 14 Red                     Team 14 White

Kayla Bennett                             Finleigh Callahan                  Maddie Brock

Fran Coppa                                   Alexis Cole                               

Sophia Jones                               Gwen Fisher                             Kaitlyn Toce

Lexi Howard                                Hannah Fratus                        Ruby Craig

Carlie Manning                         Mia Iemma                                 Bella Jodoin

Caitlin Mediate                         Alexandra Spinella                Emma Kocab

Ashtyn Novasad                      Avreet Kaur                               Grace Macleod

Gianna Piker                              Jules White                                Alexandra Tuoti

Georgia Roy                               Ava Soch                                     Tegan Mouw

                                                          Isabella McCoombs               Alexia Pelleccione

                                                          Morgan Macari                        Hannah Gaffney

Tournament Schedule for Blue, Red, White

2/22   SC Club Tournament - at Teamworks in Warwick - 14-Red, 14-White, 14-Yellow and 12-Sharks all from 8:30-11:30am...………..14-Blue from 11:30-2:30pm

3/1  NERVA #1 -  (see locations above)

3/22  NERVA #2

4/5  NERVA #3

4/19  NERVA #4

4/25-4/26  RI Rumble at RI Convention Center.  This is a 2 day event and only are 14 Blue and 14 Red teams are scheduled to play in this event.  

5/3  NERVA #5



Important Info about our tournaments

Club Scrimmage on 2/22 - We have rented Teamworks in Warwick to host a small tournament to help prepare our teams for the upcoming tournament season.  

The 5 NERVA tournaments are all one day events that can be located anywhere in New England.  We do not find out the location until approx one week before the event.  They TRY to keep the 14's and younger within a 90 minute drive.

The RI Rumble 4/25-4/26.  This tournament is at the RI Convention Center and will attract teams from around New England.  Only our 14-Blue and 14-Red are currently registered and registration has closed.  These teams will play both days of the tournament.

AAU Mini-Club events.  These events will be slightly less formal than the NERVA events.  These events will last approx 3 hours.  Rules will be modified to allow the players to have more success as they continue to improve their skills.

Team 14 Yellow              Team 13 Sharks

Meghan Alexander                       Lucia Coppa

Zaharra Anderson                        Charlotte Letarte

Madeleine Eriksen                        Olivia Hesford

Daphne Higginbottom                  Shayla Pelletier

Piper Wood                                      Lucy Steppen

Alison McCoombs                        Sadie Wells

Mary McNulty                                Rachel Hesford

Mackenzie Myers

Heather Slimm

Abby Crowley

Julia Vollucci

Gracie Lockwood

Tourn Schedule for Yellow + Sharks

2/22   SC Club Tournament - at Teamworks in Warwick - 8:30-11:30am

2/23  AAU Mini Club Tourn in Hanover, MA - time 10:00-1:00pm.  Arrive at 9:30am

3/28 or 3/29 AAU Mini Club Tourn at Mohegan Sun, CT

4/19  NERVA #4

5/3  NERVA #5

Practice Schedule

Complete practice schedule is on the sportsengine mobile all under "SCVB 12-14's 2020"

Tuesday practice schedule:

Toray Wellness Center

181 Cripe Street NK, RI - wait for coaches to arrive before trying to enter the building.  All players at this site, must have the two Toray forms completed in order to attend these practices.

Teams 14 Blue, 14 Red and 14 White


West Bay Christian Academy 6:00-7:00pm

475 School Street NK, RI

Team 13 Sharks


West Bay Christian Academy 7:00-8:00pm

475 School Street, NK

Team 14 Yellow



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