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Why Choose South County Volleyball Club

Our philosophy of Athlete First has been our trademark since we began SC Volleyball Club.  As we have grown, we have never sacrificed our commitment to providing a positive learning environment for all of our athletes.  

The SC coaching staff includes many of the areas top college and high school coaches. Our college coaches have been a great resource to our players and families who are involved in the college recruiting process.  

Our Open level teams will have access to Hudl, which is a valuable game video/recruiting tool.

We have access to great practice facilities, all located between Warwick and South Kingstown.  

We have quickly become one of the most competitive and respected clubs in New England.  

Our 18 Girls Competitive teams combined to win 25 NERVA Gold Medals last season, the MOST FOR ANY CLUB IN NEW ENGLAND!!! 14 of our 18 teams won atleast 1 gold last season.   

All of these teams finished as the top ranked club team in RI for their age group, including 3 of our 16's teams.  17-Chris (9th in NE), 16-Iain (1st in NE), 16-Dan (5th in NE), 16-Cate, 15-Seb (7th in NE), 14-Corey, 13-Sharks

 Many of the top players in RI choose to play for South County Volleyball Club,  Including the 2018 Providence Journal volleyball award winners: 2 of the 3 Player of the year recipients.  An amazing stat of 19 of the 21 players named to an All-State team this year by the RIBVCA, are currently playing in our competitive club.  South County Juniors is clearly the #1 choice for the top players in RI.


GIRLS INDOOR - Last season we hosted 18 girls competitive teams.  We can accommodate a maximum of 16-18 total girls teams this season.  The season for most teams will run from December 1st-May 3rd.

Our teams will be put together this season based on players age, skill level and position they play.  Each team will practice a minimum of twice per week when there is no weekend tournament. 

Our "Open Level" teams will play in 5 one day tournaments and 4-6 multiday events.  Each team will have its own tuition based on the practice and tournament schedule.   These teams will have access to their own Hudl account, which allows families and players to breakdown and create highlight videos from each match.  Tuition for these teams will range from $1650-$2000 this season. 

Our "Regional Level" teams will play in 4-5 one day tournaments and 2-3 multiday events.  Tuition for these teams will range from $1350-$1500 for the season. 

The exception to this will be our teams 14U and younger.  These teams are likely to play in the 5 one day tournaments only and tuition will be approx. $1,000.00 for these teams.


Current Practice Facilities include:

NKHS, EGHS, SK Rec, Toray Gym-NK, Teamworks-Warwick, BHHS-Warwick, Prout HS, Monsignor Clarke Middle School

2019-2020 Tentative practice schedule (subject to change)

14U and younger - Tuesdays(NK) and Saturday evenings(NK)

15U - Fridays(NK) and Sunday evenings(NK)

16U - Thur/Friday(NK or SK) and Sunday evenings(NK)

17U+18U Regional -  Thursdays(SK) and Saturday evening(NK or SK)

17U Open +18U Open - Wednesday(Warwick), Friday(Warwick), Sunday evening (NK or SK)

We are proud to have these coaches who are all part of our local collegiate volleyball programs.

Dani Soubliere - Head Coach RWU
Iain McCoy - Assistant Coach at URI
Tom Ambrose - Head Coach at Bryant University
Sebastian Noordzy - Assistant Coach at JWU
Lauren Parsons - Head Coach at Salve

Registration for Tryouts is now closed

In order to tryout out you must complete steps #1, #2 and #3

1.  Renew your NERVA membership.  There is a new membership option for $10 to cover the tryout only.  If selected to a team, players will need to log back into their account and upgrade to the full membership to be added to a team roster.  New NERVA members click here.  If you are renewing your membership, click here.  Don't forget to select South County as your club.  For NERVA registration questions, visit  PRINT and bring a copy of your NERVA card to tryouts.

2.  Complete registration for our South County Tryout

3.  Complete the USAV medical form.  Players must bring this completed to tryouts in order to participate.

Optional Early Check-in Night - Friday night 11/8/19 at Teamworks-Warwick 5-7pm.  Visit our table next to volleyball courts.  Bring medical form and copy of nerva membership card.  Players will pick up their tryout shirt and evaluation cards for tryouts.  You must already be registered for tryouts.  This will allow you to skip the check in line at tryouts.

Tryouts: Players should attend as many of the tryouts in their age group as possible.

Tryout #1 Saturday 11/9/19 at Prout 
15's (last name beginning A-J) 9:30am-11:00am
15's (last name beginning K-Z) 11:00am-12:30pm
16's (last name beginning A-J) 12:30pm-2:00pm
16's (last name beginning K-Z) 2:00pm-3:30pm
17's-18's 3:30pm-5:30pm
Tryout #2 Sunday 11/10/19 at NKHS - Important informational parent meeting held during the first 30 minutes for each age group during tryout #2.  Please do your best to attend to learn about our tryout process and the upcoming season.
12's-14's 9:30am-11:30am
15's 11:30am-1:30pm
16's 1:30pm-3:30pm
17's-18's 3:30pm-5:30pm
Tryout #3 Saturday 11/16/19- at Prout
12's-14's OFF
15's (last name ending A-J) 9:00am-10:00am
15's (last name ending K-Z) 10:00am-11:00am
16's (last name ending A-J) 11:00am-12:00pm
16's (last name ending K-Z) 12:00pm-1:00pm
17's (last name ending A-J) 1:00pm-2:00pm
17's (last name ending K-Z) 2:00pm-3:00pm
18's all 3:00pm-4:00pm
Tryout #4 Sunday 11/17/19 at NKHS
12's-14's 9:00am-10:30am
15's 10:30am-12:00pm
16's 12:00pm-2:00pm
17's-18's 2:00pm-4:00pm

The Registration "Girls Indoor season 2018-2019" is not currently available.

Tryouts and Team Offers

Players will be evaluated at tryouts by multiple coaches.  The goal is to match up similarly skilled players with consideration for player’s positions.  Not everyone is guaranteed a spot on a team.  Teams will have approx. 10 players.  We may not be in a hurry to form teams for some age groups.  We may have these girls train together until we are ready to form tournament teams.

Some players will be placed on teams above their nerva age if that is necessary to provide a competitive environment for that player.


11/17/2019 – final tryout date

11/20/2019 – tryout result emails to be sent to email used at registration. (congrats, you have been selected to one of our 15’s regional teams….) or (Thank you for your effort at tryouts, you have been invited to join our Rec league)

11/22/2019 - $500 online deposit required to accept your roster spot.

11/23/2019– emails sent to any players who were selected to a “wait list” with option to join a team

11/24/2019 – First practice at NKHS


(I will update homepage of website with any changes to this.  I will also make announcement on website when offer emails are sent.  Check spam file if not received by 11/20/19)


By paying the deposit, you are agreeing to pay your teams’ full tuition.  Tuition balances will be due on or before Feb 15th, 2020  Players will not be allowed to attend practices or tournaments if balance not paid.

                         TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE

5 NERVA Tournaments - These events are one day events on Sundays:

NERVA 1 – March 1
NERVA 2 – March 22
NERVA 3 – April 5
NERVA 4 – April 19
NERVA Championships – May 3

Most teams in our club will compete in the 5 NERVA events.   Many teams will also compete in some of the multi-day events listed below.  There are many additional tournaments available this year.  We will be building our teams tournament schedules as we get closer to the season.

1 12/14/2019 AAU 1 day TBD Dec 14th or 15th                
5 1/11/2020 Winter Fest#1 (15's) Hartford Jan 11th-12th                
6 1/18/2020 Winter Fest#2 (16-18) Hartford Jan 18th-20th                
7 1/25/2020 AAU 2-day Hanover, MA Jan 25th-26th                
8 1/31/2020 NE Qualifiers Providence Jan 31st-Feb 2nd                
10 2/8/2020 AAU 1 day TBD Feb 8th                  
11 2/15/2020 Capitol Region Classic Washington DC Feb 15th-17th                
11 2/15/2020 NERVA 3-day Spikefest RI-16-18open…MA 12-16 club Feb 15th-17th                
12 2/22/2020 AAU 2-day Hanover, MA Feb 22nd-23rd                
14 3/1/2020 NERVA 1 TBD                    
15 3/6/2020 Mizuno-Boston 3-day Boston March 6th-8th                
16 3/14/2020 AAU 2 day Springfield, MA March 14th-15th                
17 3/22/2020 NERVA 2 TBD                    
18 3/28/2020 AAU 2-day Mohegan Sun March 28th-29th                
19 4/5/2020 NERVA 3 TBD                    
20 4/11/2020 NERVA RI Rumble 1 club Providence April 11th-12th                
21 4/18/2020 AAU 1 day TBD April 18th                
21 4/19/2020 NERVA 4                      
22 4/25/2020 NERVA RI Rumble 2 open Providence April 25th-26th                
23 5/3/2020 NERVA 5                      

Tentative Team schedules

Open Teams 18-1, 18-2, 17-1, 17-2, 16-1:   11 Tournaments (Winterfest, 18's or 16's Qualifiers), (Capitol Region-DC or Spikefest-Prov), Mizuno-Boston, AAU-Mohegan Sun, RI Rumble #2, plus all 5 nerva one days).

18-3, 18-4  8 Tournaments (Spikefest-Prov, Mizuno-Boston, AAU-Mohegan Sun, RI Rumble #1, plus 4 nerva one days).

17-3, 17-4  8 Tournaments (17's qualifier, Mizuno-Boston, AAU-Mohegan Sun, RI Rumble #1, plus 4 nerva one days)

16-2, 16-3, 16-4  6 Tournaments (Spikefest-Prov, RI Rumble #1, plus 4 nerva one days)

15-1  10 Tournaments (Winterfest, Spikefest-Prov, Mizuno-Boston, AAU-Mohegan Sun, RI Rumble #2, plus 5 nerva one days)

15-2, 15-3, 15-4  6 Tournaments (AAU-Springfield, RI Rumble #1, plus 4 nerva one days)

14-1, 14-2, 14-3, 13-1, 12-1  (5 nerva one days)

Mike Harrington

Director of South County Juniors Volleyball Club

Phone: 4017426453

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