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Please visit team pages for exact team schedules and coaches information.


GIRLS INDOOR - Last season we hosted 15 girls competitive teams.  We can accommodate a maximum of 16 girls teams this season.

18 OPEN, 17 OPEN, 16 OPEN, 15 OPEN - These teams will practice 2-3 times per week.  They will compete in 5 NERVA events plus a minimum of 4 multi-day events.  These teams receive two uniform shirts.  The tuition for these teams are $1,650.00 for the season.

18 REGIONAL, 17 REGIONAL, 16 REGIONAL, 15 REGIONAL, 14 OPEN - These teams will practice twice per week and compete in the 5 NERVA tournaments plus 2-3 Multi-day events (Boston Festival and The RI Rumble).   These players will receive a uniform shirt.  Tuition for these teams in $1,250.00 for the season.  

14, 13, 12 REGIONAL - These teams will practice once per week and compete in the 5 NERVA tournaments.  All players will receive a uniform shirt.  Tuition for this program is $750.00 for the season.


Current Practice Facilities include:

NKHS, EGHS, SK Rec, Toray Gym-NK, Teamworks-Warwick, BHHS-Warwick, Prout HS

Tryouts and Team Offers

Players will be evaluated at tryouts by multiple coaches.  The goal is to match up similarly skilled players with consideration for player’s positions.  Not everyone is guaranteed a spot on a team.  Teams will have approx. 10 players.  We may not be in a hurry to form teams for some age groups.  We may have these girls train together until we are ready to form tournament teams.

Some players will be placed on teams above their nerva age if that is necessary to provide a competitive environment for that player.


11/18/2018 – final tryout date

11/20/2018 – tryout result emails to be sent to email used at registration. (congrats, you have been selected to one of our 15’s regional teams….) or (Thank you for your effort at tryouts, you have been invited to join our Rec league)

11/22/2018 Happy Thanksgiving

11/23/2018 - $500 online deposit required to accept your roster spot.

11/24/2018– emails sent to any players who were selected to a “wait list” with option to join a team

11/25/2018 – First practice at NKHS


(I will update homepage of website with any changes to this.  I will also make announcement on website when offer emails are sent.  Check spam file if not received by 11/20/18)


By paying the deposit, you are agreeing to pay your teams’ full tuition.  Tuition balances will be due on or before Jan 31st, 2019.  Players will not be allowed to attend practices or tournaments if balance not paid.


We will not know exact practice schedule until rosters are formed.  Here is a tentative schedule and our projected teams.  Our open teams and others will have additional practices scheduled on Saturdays or other nights throughout the season.

18's  Wednesdays 4-6pm at Teamworks-Warwick and Sundays 7-9pm at NKHS

17's Mondays 5:00-7:00pm at Teamworks-Warwick and Saturdays 6-8pm at EGHS

16's (Open) -Wednesdays 4-6pm at Teamworks-Warwick and Sundays 7-9pm at NKHS

16's (regional) - Fridays 6-8pm at NKHS and Sundays 5:30-7:30pm at NKHS

15's Fridays 6-8pm at NKHS and Sundays 5:30-7:30pm at NKHS

12-14's Tuesdays 6-7pm at Toray Wellness Center (NK) and Saturdays or Sundays 4-6pm at NKHS

Tentative Tournament Schedule for our teams

All teams are likely to play in the 5 scheduled NERVA tournaments.  Most teams will play in additional multi-day events.  Here is a tentative schedule.  Changes will need to be made to this schedule.  We are also exploring the possibility to send 2-3 teams to the Capitol Hill Classic in Washington DC this season.

18-Open:  Winterfest #2, Qualifiers, Boston, RI Rumble #2

18-Regional: Boston, RI Rumble #1

17-Open: Winterfest #2, AAU, Boston, RI Rumble

17-Regional: Boston, RI Rumble #1

16-Open:  Winterfest#2, Qualifiers, Boston, RI Rumble#1

16-Regional: Boston, RI Rumble #1

15-Open: Winterfest#1, Qualifiers, Boston, RI Rumble#1

15-Regional: Boston, RI Rumble

14-Open: Boston, AAU, RI Rumble

12-14- Regional: 5 Nerva tournaments only



5 NERVA Tournaments - These events are one day events on Sundays:

NERVA 1 – March 3
NERVA 2 – March 17
NERVA 3 – March 31
NERVA 4 – April 7
NERVA Championships – May 5

Most teams in our club will compete in the 5 NERVA events.   Many teams will also compete in some of the multi-day events listed below.

Mizuno Winterfest – up to 26 courts
Hartford, CT (Families must book hotel room through THS)

Jan 12 – 13, 2019 Winterfest 1 
Jan 19 – 21, 2019 Winterfest 2 

Springfield/Qualifiers– 13 courts 
(Families must book hotel room through THS)

NERVA Junior Qualifier #1 – February 1-3, 2019  – Girl’s 18’s
NERVA Junior Qualifier #2 – February 8-10, 2019
Girl’s 16’s, 17’s and 14 Club

Capital Hill Volleyball Classic in Washington DC
February 16-18th
AAU Providence Grand Prix
February 16-18th

Mizuno Boston Volleyball Festival– up to 97 courts(Families must book hotel room through THS)
February 22-24, 2019  

Rhode Island Rumble– up to 18 courts
April 12-14, 2019 Club Levels 
April 26 – 28, 2019 Open Levels




Registration for Tryouts is now closed?

1.  Renew your NERVA membership here.  If new to NERVA, complete membership application here.  For other registration questions, visit  PRINT and bring a copy of your NERVA card to tryouts.

2.  Complete the USAV medical form.  Players must have this completed form in order to participate in tryouts.  Click here to print form.

3.  We are not accepting any more players for our competitive tryout.  To be placed on a waiting list if team spots become available, please send email to

Saturday 11/17/18 times:PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL
     9:00-10:00am - all 15's
     10:00-11:00am - all 16's
     11:00-12:00pm - all 17-18's
     (no tryouts for 14 and under on this day)
Sunday 11/18/18 times at NKHS
     9:00-11:00am - all players nerva age 14 and younger
     11:00-1:00pm - all players nerva age 15
     1:00-3:00pm - all players nerva age 16
     3:00-5:00pm - all players nerva ages 17 and 18     

Mike Harrington

Director of South County Juniors Volleyball Club

Phone: 4017426453

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